Saturday, April 16

Yes or No

New Poll, Please respond.

I'd like to "simplify" my life in as many area's as possible.
My heart isn't into writing the blog anymore! I have been keeping up with it for FIVE YEARS!!!!!
It's soooo much quicker and easier to keep up with my Facebook. Doesn't make sense to me to be posting pictures to 2 different places.
I am aware however that certain family members (Nanny, Courtney L) do not have a FB, my suggestion is that if you REALLY want to check in with us.... You don't have to have an account. My pictures are PUBLIC... so you can just go to and search my name and VIOLA there we will be! I post pictures, comments and status updates several times throughout the day. It's so easy when you have an iPhone! It's stressing me out having "write on blog" on my to-do list. Need less "to do's!"


Jennifer said...

I would vote to keep the blog, but if it will reduce your stress, I SO get it! I have several posts I need/want to post still. See you more on FB!

Jenny said...

Do you publish/print your blog? That's why I do it. At the end of each year I print the blog in a hard bound book. I used to scrapbook my family events. Now the blog is so much easier. You can't print your facebook in a book.

Debbie Robinson said...

The blog has been a great benefit to us, as we are so far removed from Texas most of the year. We appreciate so much all the continual current events in the lives of the Geri family being part of our day to day observation. Thanks to a Mom who is the the many,many,many various functions she maintains for her family. Whatever is decided about the Family blog will be accepted with thanks for such a great labor of love for all of us. We will miss you... but certainly do understand the necessity of rest from added stress in these busy days.