Sunday, December 18

New Location

for my new location!

Tuesday, April 26

New. And Improved?

I'm working on setting up my new and improved blog!
Check back right here soon, for the new link!

Saturday, April 23

FM Mom/Dad

Heading out to Easter Service.
Picture taken by Lawson, budding photographer.
Psssst... New glasses!

Hoppy Easter

Here's another "non blog" blog for you.
HAPPY EASTER from the FM5!!!

Thursday, April 21


Another Bonus!
Just had to post these.
Ever since Lincoln was a wee little baby we have managed to take some sort or another Live Bunny pictures for Easter each and every year. Love love love live bunny shots!
This year they had live bunny photo's at the Easter party at our awesome church. And a good friend of mine was the photographer so I got a sneak peak... (they are giving out the pictures at the Easter service... great way to get everyone to attend!)
My thoughts:
Lennox: So fun! Poor bunny though got grabbed, and grabbed, and grabbed. He tolerated it very well!
Lawson: Sweet. My other "baby" who is all grown up now. Always so photogenic!
Lincoln: ???? Why oh why did you go get your hair crazy sprayed while I was waiting in line for pictures???? Oh well, something for him to laugh at when he is older.

Happy Easter from The Flower Mound Boys (and the live bunny!)

Wednesday, April 20

Lennox Egg Hunt

Here's another bonus. Lennox enjoyed his 1st Easter Egg Hunt at our church. He loved crawling around finding the eggs and putting them in his basket. And big brother Lincoln was there to help him!

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the Question...

Thoughts on my Blog:
1. I don't have the time to write out anything profound, witty, or even interesting....Like all the other bloggers! I always have these great blog idea's, but never have the time or energy to sit down and work on it. So, all I end up doing is posting a bunch of cute pictures of cute kids... To me that seems so boring, but I'm supposing to far away family that may be considered interesting!
2. Blog burnout... the blog has become boring. Just get a couple of interesting comments from the same couple of interesting people (you know who you are). Seems like my blog has been flagged for a bunch of spam. I have lot's and lot's of "interesting" followers!
3. No, I don't make blog "books" but I do download the blog to a disc... so that someday my boys may want to read (and laugh) at it.
3. Well, so this is what I have decided to do.... I am going to take a BLOG BREAK !!! I am going to end this blog, Flower Mound Five after 5 years. I am going to re-create a brand new blog.... and I will share the link here when it's ready. Hoping it to be something more fun and exciting, with a brand new start!

Monday, April 18

Random iPhone Pictures

Pulled pictures off my phone. My iPhone. I'm in iLove.
Kind of like a bonus round of pictures to see before this blog goes Bye-Bye!!

Cheap Entertaintmet, Box Playing

Saturday, April 16

Chaos Team Soccer Pictures

#9 Lawson.... Finished up another season of soccer. Here are his team pictures... only 3 of the boys showed up so the photographer was able to get creative and fun!

Yes or No

New Poll, Please respond.

I'd like to "simplify" my life in as many area's as possible.
My heart isn't into writing the blog anymore! I have been keeping up with it for FIVE YEARS!!!!!
It's soooo much quicker and easier to keep up with my Facebook. Doesn't make sense to me to be posting pictures to 2 different places.
I am aware however that certain family members (Nanny, Courtney L) do not have a FB, my suggestion is that if you REALLY want to check in with us.... You don't have to have an account. My pictures are PUBLIC... so you can just go to and search my name and VIOLA there we will be! I post pictures, comments and status updates several times throughout the day. It's so easy when you have an iPhone! It's stressing me out having "write on blog" on my to-do list. Need less "to do's!"

Friday, April 8


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 1st Birthday to my sweet lil Lennox.
I have a one yr old, I have a 1 yr old, I have a 1 yr old.... I need to get used to saying this.

Wednesday, April 6

Flower Mound BlueBonnets!!!

Good ole Texas Bluebonnets. We have lot's of amazing bluebonnet patches right here in Flower Mound this season.

Pictures of boys in the bluebonnets, Check off my list of to do's.

Sunday, April 3

Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists

Five Ways Kids are Like Pizza's

1. Delivery takes much longer than 30 minutes.
2. Sometimes they are too saucy.
3. Sometimes they are crusty.
4. Sometimes you just can't say no to them.
5. Even when they aren't at their best, they're still pretty darn good!